Monday, 11 May 2009

Seven Letters: Part Five

Tracey and Patrick soon returned. And here’s where the story takes a sad turn.
Our train for Nice left in one hour.
Patrick and Jean-Luc rushed Tracey and I back to the youth hostel to grab our bags. We raced up the stairs, neither one of us able to catch our breath. We tumbled out of the youth hostel, frustrated tears dampening our eyes.
On the ride to the station, Jean-Luc and Patrick asked us stay, told us that they would take us to Provence, or the South of France for the weekend.
And wait a sec.
That could work.


  1. Sam - These just keep getting better and better. You'd better finish the story this week. I keep trying to figure out how it all ends!

  2. Jessie-
    You can just check the name/url option. You don't need to put in the URL.

    L&L - The ending even surprises me.

  3. Hanging on your every word! This story is going to make me cry, isn't it?