Friday, 8 May 2009

Seven Letters: Part Four

The four of us wandered around Montmartre for a little bit, but Patrick had other plans for Tracey. He wanted to show her his parents' house, the area where he lived. The two of them took off in Patrick’s car and Jean-Luc and I were left alone to our own devices. (Perhaps that was the intention all along, and Tracey, nor I, had a problem with that).
The plans were to meet back at Jean-Luc’s later that afternoon. 
Sneaky guy, they got us alone!
My memory gets a little hazy after that. I think Jean-Luc showed me around Paris for a couple of hours. We may have explored Montmartre a bit more, passing by the famed Moulin Rouge. Or maybe we walked down the banks of the Sienne, visited Notre Dame, or took a boat ride on a Bateaux-Mouche. We may have done all these things, or none of them. It didn’t matter. We were together, enjoying one another’s company.
Yes, I got lost in Paris, but it wasn’t on the streets.
What I do remember is the taxi ride back to Jean-Luc’s. (Perhaps the taxi driver remembers it too?) I remember getting to Jean-Luc’s apartment, and barely making it up the stairs – and no, it wasn’t from imbibing on libations. (Perhaps one of his neighbors remembers that too?) You know those scenes in those movies? The intense passion between a couple? And you think how unrealistic it is? Well, yeah, it was exactly like that.
"If you were Juliete, I would like to be your Romeo, but don't forget to send me the ladder."
~ from letter fourPART FIVE


  1. don't leave us hanging! only 3 more to go - can you write them all today?!

  2. I knew there had to be some French kissing at some point! ;)

  3. That last line -- about Romeo and Juliet -- *SWOON*

    Oh my gosh, this is too perfect. Too. Perfect.

  4. seriously, you're going to write a book about this right? RIGHT.

  5. Finally....Tres bien S.L, They were a piece of heaven.

  6. this is my favorite letter so far!

  7. more to come tomorrow.

    yep, I'm putting it all out there, because things are about to get sad.